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Why 24K Gold?

Why 24K Gold?

Welcome to our first blog. In this blog we will go the distance to the very beginning and try to see what’s all the fuss about 24k Gold Skincare and on what basis GLO24K was founded.

So, I started some searches online and found a lot of articles about all the age-defying benefits of 24k Gold Skincare but on them we will discuss in a separate blog. What was interesting is that the Skincare industry is divided into many categories. Some more traditional categories can be found in every department store or pharmacy chain. Others, more luxurious and exotic categories that include very interesting brands and concepts control their own distribution channels. The latter, the more exotic skincare categories include skincare with pearls, diamonds, 24k Gold, special herbs, venoms, and so on. Out of all these 24k Gold has the most research and historic foundations going back centuries to the days of Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt.

A quick search has shown that the market is ready for 24k Gold skincare and that not only the demand is there, but that all the supply is available only at very high-end, luxury spas and boutiques.

So we answered the challenge and got on the 24k Gold skincare wagon - but with a caveat: launching an elite 24k Gold skincare line that will be more affordable and accessible to all and to control the affordable-luxury segment of the market. And… here we are…GLO24K, Unleash the power of Gold.

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