Triple Action Eye Care Therapy Wand


GLO24K Triple Action Eye Care Therapy Wand is based on Triple Action LED, Thermal, and Vibration Technologies to visibly defy the signs of the aging process around the eyes. It is designed to battle wrinkles, fine-lines, crow’s feet, and under-eye puffiness for a more radiant, youthful appearance.

This advanced Eye Care Wand is designed to be applied on the delicate skin around the eyes and is based on triple action: Red LED Light, Thermal, and Vibration Technologies for best results. Red LED Light is known for its Age-Defying properties such as Collagen reproduction and for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine-lines. Thermal and Vibration Technologies assist in stimulating blood circulation that results in cell regeneration which in turn leads to a more rejuvenated and firm skin and a more youthful appearance.

GLO24K Eye Care Therapy Wand assists in promoting skin elasticity, and smoothing the skin around the eyes for a radiant, glowing appearance. Use as needed, 5-10 minutes at a time. For all skin types.

Face & Neck Pro Technology Quality

Over clean skin, apply a small amount of your favorite Eye Care products such as Eye Serum and/or Cream onto the skin around the eyes. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbed (Recommended).

Turn the device ON and select your preferred mode and desired temperature. Apply the Therapy Wand around the eyes by massaging from side to side in upward/downward and circular motions. Massage all areas of concern. You can change mode and adjust temperatures as needed. Recommended application time is 5-10 minutes. Turn OFF the device between applications and clean it with a dry, clean cloth. Use as needed. (PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL ENCLOSED WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS PDF VERSION ONLINE)

Lifetime Warranty

GLO24K warrants your LED Device for any manufacturing or workmanship defects for life. We want you to feel confident and secure when you invest in our products. To enjoy this Lifetime Warranty please register your device within 14 days of the original purchase by clicking the REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT link below. Failure to register the product on time may revoke this warranty. Please also keep a copy of your original purchase receipt. Our warranty will not cover issues associated with misuse of the products. In cases of manufacturing or workmanship defects we may ask you to send the product back for inspection and we will replace it for free. Your out-of-pocket expenses may include a S&H fee of $39.99 in the USA and $59.99 (plus potential customs fees for international shipping) outside the USA.

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This little baby really works!

I only have this little eye massager for 2 weeks but I already see reduction in wrinkles and fine lines and the area around my eyes looks so much better.