Anti-Aging Supreme Set

This ANTI-AGING SUPREME SET was specifically formulated to battle the visible signs of the aging process such as fine-lines, marks, age-spots, and wrinkles. This set includes our Timeless 24k Anti-Aging Serum,Cream, and Mask all enriched with 24k Gold, Amino Peptides, and super-antioxidants Vitamins A,C,E – all known for their anti-aging properties.  In addition, our SUPREME ANTI-AGING SET includes also GLO24K best-selling Express Facelift Cream – a safe, non-invasive, instant facelift treatment and an alternative to injections or more complex, invasive treatments.

Even though each item can be used separately, we recommend applying the Timeless Anti-Aging Serum as Step 1 and only after it has been completely absorbed onto the skin to apply the Timeless Anti-Aging Cream as Step 2 for optimal results. We also recommend applying the Express Facelift Cream on special occasions when your skin needs a facelift. When applying the Express Facelift Cream, you should maximize results by following with the Timeless 24k Anti-Aging Serum which will amplify the facelift effect and duration.

Regular use of these products should result in a reduction in the visibility of fine-lines and wrinkles and contribute to a more radiant, flawless complexion. It will also generate both short and long-term anti-aging results.  All items are suitable for all skin types.

  • Use as directed by the individual products of this set.

    Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
    For external use only.

  • See individual products' ingredient lists.

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  • GLO24K was founded by 2 skincare specialists with many years of experience in the global beauty industry. At GLO24K we realized that exotic skincare trends such as 24k facials generate amazing anti-aging results. However, these kind of trendy skincare treatments are usually affordable only to the rich and famous who can afford to spend a few hundred dollars at the spa or at an exclusive beauty boutique.

    So, we worked with our labs and team of professionals for over 2 years to deliver GLO24K - UNLEASH THE POWER OF GOLD. This exclusive line of skincare delivers the best value to anyone who wants to experience the benefits and luxury of 24k Gold Skincare. 

    At GLO24K we let the products speak for themselves. We use the best ingredients to generate both short and long-term effects. Within minutes after each application you will notice an effect on your skin and feel more revitalized and regenerated. Our high-performance products target areas of concern and unleash the powers of 24k Gold and the other anti-aging ingredients to defy the aging process. Long term results are a much more beautiful, radiant, and healthy-looking skin (get ready to be complimented)...

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