GLO24K 7 Color LED Beauty Mask

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GLO24K 7 Color LED Beauty Mask utilizes various LED lights and wavelengths to rejuvenate your facial skin and assist in minimizing the visible signs of the aging process such as fine-lines, wrinkles, age spots and so on. This LED Beauty Mask stimulates blood circulation and enhances cell metabolism to improve the skin’s natural elasticity and flexibility. LED Light Therapy is known for generating a radiant, glowing skin and a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. GLO24K 7 Color LED Beauty Mask is easy to use, light-weight, perfect for travel, Beauty Mask that suits all skin types.

Face & Neck Pro Technology Quality

Before you start your LED Beauty experience we recommend applying a small amount of your favorite cream over clean skin and massaging it onto the skin until it is fully absorbed. Turn the device ON and select your preferred mode ( Red Light for Anti-Aging, Blue Light battles skin disorders, Green Light for soothing and purifying the skin, Yellow Light for balancing and evening the skin, Purple Light for healing properties, Clear Blue Light for lightening your skin, and Bright Laser Light for tightening your skin). Sit back, relax, and enjoy an LED Light Spa-at-Home experience with the Mask ON for 5-10 minutes. You can change modes/lights as you wish and per your beauty goals. Recommended application time is 5-10 minutes. Use as needed. Turn OFF when the application is complete. (PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL ENCLOSED WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS PDF VERSION ONLINE)

Lifetime Warranty

GLO24K warrants your LED Device for any manufacturing or workmanship defects for life. We want you to feel confident and secure when you invest in our products. To enjoy this Lifetime Warranty please register your device within 14 days of the original purchase by clicking the REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT link below. Failure to register the product on time may revoke this warranty. Please also keep a copy of your original purchase receipt. Our warranty will not cover issues associated with misuse of the products. In cases of manufacturing or workmanship defects we may ask you to send the product back for inspection and we will replace it for free. Your out-of-pocket expenses may include a S&H fee of $39.99 in the USA and $59.99 (plus potential customs fees for international shipping) outside the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Dunn

Cannot explain how amazing this has been for me. I had the worst eczema flare up all over my face, Christmas party is in 3 days. My mum saw my face and said she wanted to give me a Christmas gift early (was this mask). I’ve been using steroid creams emoliants every moisturiser you can think of. The flare up would not calm, used this mask just last night and again this morning and finally my face has calmed right down. I am absolutely speechless. She shall go to the ball🤣


I bought this mask I absolutely love it I only have two major complaints. One the nose piece is not very comfortable to wear. I wish they would have cushioned it more or something. And it doesn't hold very much of a charge. I do love everything it does. But I've been reading up that your eyes are not protected at all with this device. So that's not great either but I'm still using it. I just close my eyes now.

WOW! The Coolest Gift Ever! Love it!

I got this LED Mask for my 60th birthday. I thought it a was a nice gimmick but boy it is so cool. It is easy to work and I already see improvements in my face as it became more even and balanced and I get compliments for looking somewhat younger. In addition, it is so much fun just to put it on, sit back and relax. 5 stars in my book!

Great Gift Idea

I am very satisfied with this product. It is fun and easy to use and for its price I think it is a great buy. I give it 4 stars because I saw it elsewhere for less.

What a Wonder!

I am very happy with my 7 in 1 LED Mask. I thought it was a toy but it does generate results and it is so cool and trendy as well as easy to use. Me and my girls are fighting for it and they post selfies with it on Instagram. Great purchase for the cost. Thank you GLO24K.