Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck


Based on Triple Action LED, Thermal, and Vibration Technologies

GLO24K Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck is an advanced, triple action beauty device that generates age-defying benefits and assists in rejuvenating and beautifying the skin of the face and neck for a radiant, glowing complexion. GLO24K Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device is based on cutting-edge LED Light Therapy Technology that helps in defying the visible signs of the aging process such as wrinkles, fine-lines, age spots, and uneven skin. GLO24K Beauty Rejuvenation Device is also based on advanced Thermal and Vibration Technologies that are known for stimulating and renewing skin cells for a flawless, glowing appearance. It will revitalize and revive your skin, and will boost your skin’s firmness and elasticity for short and long-term age-defying results. This Device is also perfect for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin in the Neck area as well as the back of the arms (Triceps). GLO24K Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device is part of the Spa-at-Home experience by GLO24K. 

GLO24K Neck and Face LED Beauty Device is easy to use, travel friendly, light weight, rechargeable, and ergonomically designed. Below is the wavelengths of the various LED lights and associated benefits:

  • Red Light (620-630 nm) – associated with anti-aging and age-defying benefits, more rejuvenated and radiant appearance, and battling the visible signs of the aging process.
  • Blue Light (415-435 nm) – associated with skin nourishment and may help with overall skin appearance. It can also help improve skin's texture and tone.
  • Green Light (530-540 nm) – associated with soothing and calming the skin and for balancing it. Also can assist with sagging skin and other visible signs of the aging process.
Face & Neck Pro Technology Quality

Over clean skin apply a small amount of your favorite Cream, massage it and let it fully absorb (recommended). Turn the device ON and select your preferred mode (blue/green/red). Apply the device on the skin of your face and neck in upward/downward and circular motions. Massage all acupuncture points and areas of concern. Recommended application time is 5-10 minutes. Turn OFF the device between applications and clean it with a dry, clean cloth. Close the device with the plastic cover between applications. Use as needed. (PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL ENCLOSED WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS PDF VERSION ONLINE)

Lifetime Warranty

GLO24K warrants your LED Device for any manufacturing or workmanship defects for life. We want you to feel confident and secure when you invest in our products. To enjoy this Lifetime Warranty please register your device within 14 days of the original purchase by clicking the REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT link below. Failure to register the product on time may revoke this warranty. Please also keep a copy of your original purchase receipt. Our warranty will not cover issues associated with misuse of the products. In cases of manufacturing or workmanship defects we may ask you to send the product back for inspection and we will replace it for free. Your out-of-pocket expenses may include a S&H fee of $39.99 in the USA and $59.99 (plus potential customs fees for international shipping) outside the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this amazing little device!

I've been using this device for about two weeks and am starting to see results, especially on my most problematic area, the dreaded "turkey neck". The device size is also awesome, and easy to target small areas. And to boot, it makes me feel super relaxed, like getting a facial massage every day! Love it!

It works

This thing really works. I use it daily and I am seeing results.

AMEN to the loss of the neck lines NO ONE wants!!

Like many women who reach the age of 25 for the 25th time, those darn neck lines start to form! I use a good Strivectin cream, then wand the hell out of my neck with this magic wand, and I've been transformed to about 10 years ago when I could BARELY see the lines. Would highly recommend, and follow the directions!

Elegant design, easy to use, and by golly, I think it just might work!

Okay, honestly? I don't know for sure if this thing is helping my face or neck look any younger, tighter, plumper, or more youthful. I experiment with a lot of skincare products, so if there has been improvement, it's very difficult to point to one product for the credit. However, there is actual real-life science behind the practice of light therapy, so it is perfectly reasonable to believe this device is able to bring about the effects it some measure, at least.

While I can't guarantee its effectiveness for you, I can tell you about my experience using it. I really enjoy it! It feels good, both on my face and in my hand. It's beautifully designed, and fits my hand perfectly. The 'massage head' is smooth and is shaped so that it glides across my skin and encourages lymphatic drainage. It almost feels like I'm sculpting my face when I use it, much like a gua sha tool. You can select from three different LED light modes, each of which vibrates at a slightly different frequency. Red light is known to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and increase skin's elasticity. It's especially suited for mature and aging skin. Blue light can help reduce inflammation from acne or other damage, and it can help clear clogged or congested pores. Lastly, green light can help lighten dark spots and brighten your complexion overall.

This little gadget is super easy to operate, too. I usually pick it up while my husband and I are watching a movie. It only has one button, which is used to turn it on and off, but also to cycle through the various LED colors. The vibration is quiet enough that it doesn't disturb anybody else, and the light is held against your skin, so that isn't bothersome, either. It does beep every forty-five seconds to let you know it's time to move on to another area, which is helpful. It's cordless and rechargeable via its USB charging cord. The entire set (device, charging cord, instruction booklet, and cleaning cloth) come beautifully packaged in a luxurious and expensive-looking box. This would make a wonderful gift, whether for yourself or for somebody you love! Happily recommended!

affordably priced skincare technology

This device has 3 different light to target various skin issues.
1) Blue (low speed, medium vibration frequency) is for refining pores or improving skin elasticity
2) Green (medium speed, high vibration frequency, magnetic heat therapy) is for the increase of cell metabolism, puffiness, smoothing and balancing skin
3) Red (highest vibration frequency, magnetic heat therapy) is for accelerating blood circulation, improve melanin, scars

The great thing about this hand held LED device is the 3 different LED colors as well as the fact that it is ok for use on your face or neck. I remember trying this type of LED technology just a few short years back, when there was only one color for one skin issue, not to mention the astronomical price. These LED devices have really come a long way and now does more than one thing/skin concern, not to mention they are portable, lightweight, and cordless. This is so much more affordable and accessible for many and if you look at the price tag, it is the equivalent of ONE jar of fancy face cream or TWO jars of mediocre (even drugstore!) face creams = totally worth it in my opinion and if it really doesn't work for you, just think of it as the two jars of mediocre face creams.

I have used this for about a month now in conjunction with the face creams for anti aging. When it comes to great skin I think it is a combination of things that will make your skin great, such as going to an aesthetician to get facials, a high quality face cream, the facial massage rollers, and something like this LED device. I have to be honest If you are just using this device it may work too slowly to see any real change. I personally do all the above mentioned, which keeps my skin supple and wrinkle free. I also have to mention I am using this more as a preventative and not a damage reversal, so I'm definitely not here to say I have deep wrinkles and after using this, I don't - not what I am touting at all! This device is easy for me to include in my night time skin care routine because it just takes a few minutes, which most of us can spare if we are just sitting on the couch, watching tv.

Overall my thoughts about this device is I believe it is doing something to my skin on a cellular level, although this isn't an overnight miracle worker. I personally prefer the wearable type of LED light device over something I have to hold. In fact, I'm talking about Glo24K's other LED device, which is a 'mask' you wear like glasses. However, I am able to use this on my neck, which is an area I often neglect in my skincare routine. I do like this and will keep using this.