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Incorporating the Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum into my skin care routine

Incorporating the Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum into my skin care routine

Aging isn’t a kind process to when it comes to our face. The skin thins, dulls, under eye darkness appears more regularly, and how can we forget the tiny creases that deepen after every new birthday? As gloomy as that prospect is, there is always hope thanks to scientific skin care advances and ingredients to delay aging. Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum from GLO24K that I have been testing next from their line is a fierce defender when it comes to keeping a face smoother and younger looking.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated. Opinions are solely mine.**

The difference in GLO24K skin care for anyone aging is not only the entire line is infused with 24karat gold to help inflammation as well as amino peptides to rebuild depleted supplies of collagen along with ample antioxidants of vitamins A, E and C to protect from future environmental damage. Throw in some other star ingredients in the Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum like retinol, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts, and acetyl hexapeptide-8 that acts like Botox for firming, and panthenol for moisturizing that is not derived from animals among some of its ingredients and you have a stronger defense in the war that time is having upon your face.

What else wonderful about GLO24K skin care in general is that all their products are manufactured in the United States instead of overseas where regulation may be lax. None of their skin care is ever tested on animals, which makes me feel good. They also don’t have parabens, fillers or strong fragrances.

The Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum is a deep skin care treatment that is best to use alone or adding a moisturizer like a facial oil later if the product needs more of a boost of hydration. According to the directions, you are supposed to apply this serum two or three times a week. I usually rotate anti-aging products in this way because the skin tends to get sensitive when the same ingredients are applied that can be overly stressing the complexion.

I prefer applying serums at night since they are the strongest form of bottled anti-aging assistance. After all, nights are when the skin heats up and can better draw the active power from those formulas than daytime when skin is cooler. After nightly cleansing, I used the Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum alone on my dry skin. This serum isn’t as lubricating as some serums. But after a few minutes, you can feel the skin start to tighten somewhat.

For the weeks that I have been incorporating this GLO24K Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum into my skin care routine, I really liked the way it pulled and lifted the skin. This product does make wrinkles less pronounced. For how long the lines and fine creases stay firmed up, I can’t honestly say. Needless to say, looking younger is always something to get excited about despite how long the effect may last.

As you can guess, I really loved the GLO24K Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum. If you haven’t tried and need some facial firming, I encourage you to stop by the company’s website and give this a try. You will love it!

Credits to Beauty Cook Kisses

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