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The Advantages of GLO24K Moisturizer Day Cream

The Advantages of GLO24K Moisturizer Day Cream

Though you gain wisdom, the natural cycle of aging is a cruel business when it comes to our faces. Before our eyes, we gradually notice the effects to our skin with more lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots after every future birthday. Being the case, it helps to preserve our youth with the best ingredients that can address our special anti-aging needs to moisturize and boost collagen. If you’re hoping to recapture that lost glow and nourish your aging complexion, you might want to think about this GLO24K Moisturizing Boosting Day Cream. This day cream is another of the gold-based skin care products from the GLO24K Skin Care line I was sent to make this review and giveaway possible.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated. Opinions are solely mine.**

The Specific Advantages of GLO24K Moisture Boosting Day Cream 

The GLO24K Moisturizing 24K A.M. Day Cream is paraben and cruelty free USA made skin care formula that feels good on the skin with effective moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid in the form of sodium hyaluronate. It is an ideal peptide for moisture delivery and assistance in rebuilding the skin’s collagen with its strands of protein and smoothing the skin.

Squalane is another fantastic ingredient in this day cream with its ample skin restorative fatty acids that are rich in antioxidants for evening out the complexion as it hydrates the skin with moisture. Furthermore, the GLO24K moisture boosting day cream has more stable working squalane instead of squalene, which tends to deteriorate faster when exposed to air.

Coconut oil is also worthwhile to mention in this moisture boosting day. Coconut oil for one is a great source of lauric acid, another fatty acid that is helpful for rejuvenating, moisturizing and keeping skin healthy with its antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Another beneficial ingredient in this moisture boosting day cream is safflower oil. This essential omega-6 fatty linoleic acid has the ability to help improving damaged skin such as hydrate, aid the skin’s elasticity and diminish the appearance of wrinkles as it works.

24K gold is yet another ingredient that has been used throughout history in beauty treatments. Gold is an amazing antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory powers for protecting the skin from sun exposure and its damage while calming redness. It also helps color adding a bit of healthy radiance to the skin.

My Final Thoughts on GLO24K Moisture Boosting Day Cream

When I first introduced you to GLO24K Skin Care with the review of their 24K Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, I mentioned sharing their line that I had sampled with you over time. As a result, I found the Moisturizing 24K A.M. Day Cream had a lux creamy consistency that absorbs fast to make for a perfect makeup base. There is no heavy perfume fragrance to worry about if scented products bother you, but a mild one of freshness. My dry complexion felt comfortable and satisfied with the hydration it got without feeling weighed down with heavy grease. I loved the way this day cream also warmed up my pale complexion with a healthier cast of glowing color while pampering it with skin with nourishing ingredients.

To sum it up, I loved the way this GLO24K moisture boosting day cream worked for my complexion, which is not only dry, but can be sensitive at times. The next time that you are shopping for a day cream, you might want to visit GLO24K and try this same Moisturizing 24K A.M. Day Cream to see for yourself. I think that you will be pleased.

Credits to Beauty Cook Kisses

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